TikTok Totally Trending


BLAH! Junior Brightyn Johns yucks it up for a TikTok. Brightyn posts because its trendy and fun.

Delsa Thomas, staff writer

Tick Tock, tiktok. Are you running out of time to hop on the latest TikTok trends? One of the most popular things trending today is TikTok.

TikTok, a relatively new social media that a lot of high schoolers are using, is trending. Many users turn to TikTok when they have some time to waste. They go on TikTok and then realize two hours later they are still watching.

TikTok lets users make videos about absolutely anything and post them. The app was called Musically until 2018 when marketers changed the name to TikTok, and that’s when it started getting popular. A big boost from the Covid-19 quarantine did not hurt either.

” I posts for fun when I’m bored, or it’s just something to do with my friends. I like the creativity of it,” said senior Kaiya Hornung. Her favorite trend is probably the videos where you choose a whole bunch of photos and sync it with music. “It’s just cool to see peoples’ lives.”

TikTok poster often star in their own creations. “My most viral Tiktok is me getting hit in basketball. I like to post because it is fun, I guess,” said senior Tate Frome.

TikTok is as much social media as entertainment. “I wanted to post things that people would find relatable. It made me realize that we are all more alike than we think. I like to post because it gives me something to do besides scrolling through TikTok all day,” said junior Norrah Neilson.

“I like to post on TikTok to get famous because it’s cool when people from different states like your TikTok, and you get to know new people throughout the world. It makes me happy to make others happy around the world,” said senior Elle Erickson.

Tiktok brings people together and entertains them while doing it, helping them become more social as they connect with people all over the world.