Seniors Shine on Pink Night

Gracee Cazier

Faith Shaw, Staff Writer

Senior sports nights are filled with plenty of overwhelming emotions and some stress. The realization of playing one last time with your teammates on your home turf is surreal.

One game in particular that was very important to the Star Valley Braves was senior night and pink night combined. Plus, this game had playoff implications. On the night of Oct. 14, the seniors were escorted in front of the home crowd by their families before the game started. “It’s weird because two years ago you’d never think it would come up that fast, then all of a sudden it’s happened and over. It was sad, but overall a good experience,” said senior Zac Patterson.

“It feels really weird playing one last time with the seniors on our home field.” said junior Chase Stewart.

The game against Evanston was especially important to the Star Valley Braves, and they ended up blowing the Evanston Devils out of the water with an impressive win of 40-6. “This game was really important to us,” said Patterson. “It helped us gain some confidence and pushed us in the right direction.”

Not only did beating Evanston set the Braves up for a state championship run, but the game also gave them a chance to support a good cause. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so high school teams represent breast cancer victims and survivors by wearing pink. “Being able to represent the community by wearing pink and taking home the dub was an awesome opportunity,” said Stewart.

The athletes were not the only ones wearing pink and participating. Super fans dressed up in pink to show love and support to cancer victims. The super fan section was covered head to toe with pink! “I really love pink night. I think it is a really fun opportunity for the student section to dress up and show support to breast cancer victims,” said superfan senior Beckah Bowman.

The athletes noticed the fans in pink too. “Looking up to the student section and seeing everyone participate is super cool,” said Patterson.

Recently the Braves beat the Tigers in the first round of the playoffs 50-20 in Lander on Oct 29. “This game gave us pretty good momentum heading into the second round of playoffs,” said Stewart.

The Braves will face the Cody Broncs in Cody on Friday, Nov 5th, in the second round of the state playoffs. The Braves lost to Cody earlier in the season 22-3 and will look to get some revenge in front of the Bronc crowd.