Speech and Debate Team Members on Road Again as New Season Starts


LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD: The logo for the 2021-2022 Speech and Debate Season

Priscilla Greenwell, staff writer

Speech and Debate has one of the longest seasons of all the school’s competitive teams, and that season has begun.

The start of the Speech and Debate season began with an informational meeting on October 12th. During this informational meeting, the leaders of the team worked on recruiting new members and teaching them what speech is all about. There were plenty of new faces and just as many returning ones.

Head coach Katie Roberts set up a QR code to make signing up easy and efficient for a  season already looking a lot different than it did last year. Last year the team competed online from the comfort of the school or their homes in compliance with Covid 19 restrictions.

Although there will still be two online tournaments, the members of speech will once again travel across the state and into other states to compete. While the bus rides may be long, older team members missed the connections made on these trips. “The bus rides were the best, and we did the greatest things. We bought a poker table and would play poker in the back of the bus; we would sing songs while playing instruments like the ukulele, and we played D&D,” said debate captain Nick Jardine. This year members will have plenty of time on the bus to make more memories. 

After a successful 2020-21 season with several qualifying for the national tournament, the goals for this season aims at making better connections and building team strength. The goals last year revolved around making it through the season and just doing the best they could. New goals will help build the team back bigger and better than ever. “We want to excel at each of our events while working together as a team. We also want speech and debate to be a safe place for everyone who does it,” said Morgan Scaffide, the traditions captain.

Team members are held to certain standards in order to compete and participate; for example, most extracurriculars require a D grade or better to participate. In Speech, members are expected to keep a C grade or above in all classes in order to compete.

Another standard is sportsmanship. Most extracurriculars at Star Valley have wonderful sportsmanship, but speech takes it more seriously than just being nice. When competing at tournaments members are expected to mingle with other teams, make friends, and help build up others when they need support, even if they are a competitor.

Many students know little to nothing about what goes on in speech and debate, and there are not many resources to find out. The team has created a website that holds all of the information about the season and about speech in general. This website will also include updates on how well the team does at each tournament. To learn more students can visit the Speech website  at https://sites.google.com/view/star-valley-speech-debate.

JOIN THE TEAM: This QR code made by Head Coach Katie Roberts can be scanned to sign up for the team.
SAVE THE DATE: The schedule of tournaments the 2021-2022 Speech and Debate season