Twins Not Always Twinning


JD Morris, staff writer

Quite few sets of twins walk the halls of the school. Some look the same, some look similar, some look nothing alike.

There are a lot of interesting facts about twins. Twins are usually the closest siblingsĀ  in their family they share a lot of similar things. Sometimes twins don’t even look like the stereotypical things people think about twins because there is two different types of twins fraternal and identical. The chances of being a twin is 1 in 250, so being a twin is a fairly rare occasion. Twins are unique because even if they are identical they will still have some differences like fingerprints. Kumari and Ryker McCormick are two of the twins in the student baby.


Who’s the smart twin?

Kumari: Me because I have better grades than Ryker.

Ryker: Me because I have better grades.

Are you fraternal or identical?


Who’s older/how far apart are you?

Ryker is older by about 30 seconds.

Do you ever switch places?

Kumari: No, never.

Ryker: Yeah, all the time, but it never works.

Can you read each others mind?

Kumari: Yes, but it depends on the day.

Ryker: Yeah, because if I go to punch her she dodges it every time.

Do you like being a twin?

Kumari: Yeah, I think it’s pretty fun.

Ryker: No, because she’s annoying.

Favorite thing about being a twin?

Kumari: It’s just like having another sibling. It’s not that much different.

Ryker: Nothing, it’s dumb.