Student Athletes Find Balance


TIME IS TICKING: The clock in the commons of the high school reminds students and teachers that they must balance multiple responsibilities with only so many hours in the day.

Priscilla Greenwell, staff writer

Students and Teachers wear several hats during the school year and must balance many activities in a short period of time.

For students it may be extracurricular, work or their social life that they have to balance with school and homework.

Teachers must balance things like coaching or their family with grading, teaching and helping students. Time management is a really hard skill even for adults to learn, yet student athletes balance all sorts of activities while keeping their grades at an outstanding level.

There are many reasons why students feel it is hard to balance extracurriculars with the other activities of life. “One thing that makes it hard is time and sleep, never having enough sleep so you fall behind in school work, and you are just taxed,” said Caleb Thygerson who participates in speech and cross country.

Student athletes may sometimes feel they are running on empty and have little time to complete everything in their lives. Even though it is sometimes hard to balance these things, they come up with systems to help them keep focused. “I make sure I go through what I am doing the night before or the morning of, and I make sure I know what is happening and when,” said Thygerson. 

While managing time might be harder for students, teachers that double as coaches also find it hard to balance work and personal life. “I find it hard trying to spend a day fishing with my family, for example, knowing I have assignments to grade and football videos to watch,” said coach and teacher Mr. Winston Patterson. Wearing so many hats can make it hard to enjoy time spent relaxing or having fun. “It makes it hard be where I’m at and focus on what I am doing without worrying, which makes me leave early from spending time with my family,” continues Patterson. 

ON THE CLOCK: Football players working hard to beat Jackson while the timer counts down

Every person has a different way of managing their time. Finding a way to balance every responsibility, while difficult, is very beneficial. “Be organized! A person has to be organized and know that after a game at 9 o-clock from 9-10 you gotta put everything related to that away and focus on it later. Do not be a time waster, especially by staring at a device,” advised Patterson.

BALANCING MORE THAN TIME: Cheerleaders showing off their hard work and dedicated time

One thing is for sure, balancing school, work, and life is a challenge that everyone faces. These students and teachers work to keep all of their ducks in a row. Not everyone can do what they do.