Is There Too Much Homework For The Students?


SNAPPY: Melanie Cano gets her work done for photography during class. Work students can’t get done at school they have to take home.

Josie Lichter, staff writer

Homework. Teachers keep giving it and students keep hating it.

After summer, kids tend to have a hard time getting back into the rhythm of school and homework. After all, they spent all summer working or having fun, not having to worry about homework and studying for tests.

Although homework will probably never cease to exist, the question of how much is too much remains. “I get sent home with at least one page of homework to do everyday. I normally don’t do it that day, but I get sent home with quite a bit of homework that I don’t have the energy or time to do most days,” said junior Aspen Ford.

With Covid-19 still around, many kids are still having to go into quarantine for two weeks where they must continue to keep up with their school work.”It was not really hard for me to get caught up after being quarantined,” said Jonathan Fry.

The working at home part is what make homework hard for some who have quarantined. “I never got motivated enough to do my work at home while in quarantine. I felt sick, so I was not going to do any work. I am caught up now, but it took some effort,” said senior Madison Brown.

Many students have different opinions on the amount of homework they get sent home with. kids might think its easy, like Jonathan Fry, and some kids might think its hard or just don’t have time for it.