School District Leaves Vaccination Advice to Health Care Providers


OUCH: Many students walking the halls have made or will have to make the tough decision to get vaccinated for COVID 19. Senior Kamryn Thompson, doesn’t fully support the vaccine but sees it becoming mandatory in the future. “I think that one day the vaccine may be required,” said Thompson.

Kamryn Jenkins, staff writer

To get vaccinated or not has become a hot topic of debate in the country and only intensified as more and more people contract Covid-19.

The Center of Disease Control recommends that anyone over 12 years and older should be vaccinated to help protect against Covid-19. In the United States 186 million people have been fully vaccinated. People who choose to be vaccinated can choose from the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.  Both Moderna and Pfizer require a second shot a few weeks after the initial one while Johnson & Johnson only requires one.

Many students have opposite opinions about the vaccine. Some have chosen to be vaccinated and other remain against the vaccine. Senior Rebeckah Bowman is all for getting the vaccine. “I believe it would be a good thing for the valley to get more people fully vaccinated, especially as we are seeing more aggressive variants,” said Bowman.

Senior Tate Frome, however, has very different views on the vaccine,”I don’t judge people for getting the vaccine, but don’t push others to get it.”

The school district website directs people to follow the guidance of their health provider, and Wyoming Public Health recommends that all individuals eligible should be vaccinated.

Chris Simpson, school nurse, reiterated the information found in the districts smart start information: “The School District recommends that students follow the guidance of their health provider.”