New Teachers Get to Work


HARD AT WORK: Compliance Facilitator Mr. Brian Toomer sits at his at desk determined to finish all of his work. Toomer started here after serving as principal at Cokeville High School. “Outside of school, I really enjoy all the sports this school provides,” said Toomer.

Gracee Cazier, staff writer

Every year, new teachers flood district offices with applications in hopes of teaching at places like SVHS. The 2021 school year has allowed for many new teaches to start working here.

Mr. Toomer is the school’s new Compliance Facilitator. Mrs. Halls is a new English teacher, and Mr. Hardesty has taken over as the new welding teacher.

Mrs. Halls previously taught at Cokeville High School. She enjoys being in Star Valley. “I love the students here. I really enjoy being able to work with so many different personalities in different students,” said Halls. Even though she loves teaching, she also loves to be outdoors. One of her favorite things to do outside of school is hiking and camping with her family.

TOGETHER: Mrs. Halls, her husband and four kids come together for a cute family picture. “It doesn’t matter what we are doing, I just love spending time with my family,” explained Halls. Hiking and camping are just two of many things that Halls enjoys doing with her family.

Along with Mrs. Halls, Mr. Toomer is also from Cokeville. He was the principal at CHS for many years before coming here. Not only is he a new teacher, he is the head volleyball coach for the Lady Braves. Toomer enjoys the uniqueness of the SVHS student body and appreciates the high level of expectation here. “Outside of school I love to fish, be with my family, and anything that has to do with athletics,” said Toomer.

New welding teacher Mr. Hardesty graduated from SVHS, and it’s his first year teaching although he did do his student teaching here. Hardesty loves that he gets to teach in Star Valley and not have to move to teach. “Outside of school, I don’t have very many hobbies. I really like to hunt. But other than that, I ranch, raise cattle and my kids. I also run my own business,” said Hardesty,  a very busy man who loves what he does.

SAFETY FIRST: Mr. Hardesty teaches one of his students how to safely weld a piece of metal. Hardesty has a lot going on outside of school, but he still enjoys being able to help his students. Hardesty took over for Mr. Warren who retired last year.

One day these new teachers will be old teachers, but the students will always remember when they first started here.