Super Fans Having Fun Supporting Teams


MOB MENTALITY: Students fill their section during the homecoming game against the Jackson Broncs. Everyone dressed up in school spirt colors, crimson and gold, cheering on the football team.

When thinking about fall, most people think about leaves changing, pumpkins, or Halloween. However, fall in Star Valley means fall sports, Friday nights under the stadium lights and home volleyball matches.

Fall is most people’s favorite time of the year. For most students it’s because of the chance to super fan. The main reason this activity is so fun is because of how the crowd interacts and gets involved with the game.

Super fanning happens all over the world at all different sporting events. The most super fanning you will see locally is probably in the student section. Going into the fall season of sports is when super fanning happens the most. Whether it is at a hometown football game with fans standing, screaming and cheering or even traveling to different cities to watch their teams play. “My favorite thing about super fanning at the football games is hanging out with all my friends and getting hyped,” said sophomore Kammi Merritt.

This year students have gone big and beyond in the student section and made sure to have the best time of their lives while doing it. One thing that has made super fanning super exciting is that student fans have picked themes to follow. The first home football game called for a whiteout when the student section was crazy, especially when the lights went out and the football players were in the middle of the field doing a dance off. The student section was still dancing their hearts out and having a good time.

Once the power came back on, all of a sudden it started pouring rain, drenching the crowd and players alike. The student section did not let the rain effect them though. If anything, it got them more excited and wild.

FEMALE FANDOM: A bunch of girls pose for a selfie in all their white out attire. They cheered on the football team even when the lights went out and it started pouring rain. “My favorite part about the white out is how much white there was and how good our student section is. The rain also made it super fun, and it got me super excited for the rest of the games,” said junior Emree Erickson.

This year the Braves will play only four home football games. The homecoming game was against our biggest rivals the Jackson Broncs. Even though the Braves fell behind and lost, the student section still had the time of their lives, and it was the biggest the student section has been in years. It took up the whole section of bleachers and was hyped the whole time.

September 28th was senior night for the volleyball team. The theme was neon and the student section made sure to get all neoned out for it. The football team and many other kids went to cheer on the volleyball team as they beat the Jackson Broncs. Seniors Mason Hutchison and Kaleb Fila showed up dressed up as Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. The costumes got the crowd going and brought up the energy in the student section.

LOOK FABULOUS: Members of the football team stand right in the front of the student section at volleyball senior night.  Kaleb Fila and Mason Hutchison went the extra mile to support neon night.

One main reason the student section has the energy it has is because of the cheerleaders. They get the student section started with calling all the cheers and getting the crowd involved. “The student section makes the games way more fun because the crowd wants to interact with the cheerleaders, and it makes the whole game more intense and fun,” said cheer captain Brightyn Johns.

UP FRONT: The cheerleaders get the student section involved by leading the “Pump it up” cheer. The band played to the beat of the cheer and got everyone hyped for the game.

Super fans for hometown football games can look out onto the sidelines and see many of the football players cheering or even looking at the student section, encouraging them to get more hyped up for the play that’s about to happen. The boys are there to win, and cheering fans make more hype for them. “Having an interactive crowd and student section makes the game more fun and better to play in,” said senior JD Morris.

In previous years the school has struggled with getting good student sections going. So starting out with a good strong student section is super exciting. Players and fans alike hope to keep it going all year long and encourage those who haven’t yet come out to support the school and stand in the student section¬† to make sure and come. They will not be disappointed and will want to come back for an even better time next game.