Homecoming Dance Tops off Spirited Week

HAVING A BALL: The drill team spent all hours getting the Civic Center ready for everyone to come and have a good time.

Kendyll Rappleye, staff writer

As the new school year started, all students looked forward to the homecoming dance. The homecoming dance is a beloved, iconic night full of fun.

For the Student Council, homecoming is a week full of hard work, last minute preparations, and coordination. Despite all the odds, they always deliver an amazing experience all students enjoy. This year’s theme for the dance was “The Night We Met.”

The night of the dance, the Brave Cadettes filled the civic center with music, balloons, and lots of colored lights. “My favorite part about homecoming was definitely the dance. It was also very fun being able to get ready with all my friends!” said sophomore Sadie Hulse.

Hulse accompanied junior Hyden Veigel to the event. “My favorite part of the dance was all the lights they put on the dance floor,” said Veigel.

After the late football game, students rushed home to put on their dresses or suits and head over to the civic center. Even with little time do all these activities, some students still managed to fit in a dinner before they left to go to the dance. Junior Lauren Erickson hosted a dinner for her group after they all got ready. “Dinner was super fun because my parents made a good meal and my group and I got to make fun of Brandon for crying after they lost the game, ” said Erickson.

Homecoming is the most spirit filled week of the school year and the dance was the perfect way to top it off.