Freshmen, Seniors Take Powderpuff Wins

SET HUT: The junior girls run their play to try to score a touchdown. “Powderpuff was such a blast! My favorite part of the game was being able to takedown my friend Kylee Erickson,” said senior Gentry Hendricks.

Emma Brown , staff writer

Students always look forward to the most exiting week of the school year, homecoming week. The Powderpuff football game is one of the things that happen during this week when girls play football and the football players coach. In the past years only seniors and juniors have participated in this event, but in the last couple year’s underclassmen have joined in on the fun.

This year the game ran differently than in the past. The girls played four quarters with the freshmen and sophomores playing the 1st and 3rd for 10 mins each quarter then the seniors and juniors taking the field for the 2nd and 3rd quarters. The freshmen ended up beating the sophomores  14-0, and the seniors took the win 14-13 over the juniors.

The senior and junior game got a little intense with girls pulling hair and getting bloody noses and turf burn. “It definitely got more intense than I thought it would, but in the end I had a really good time,” said player Ava Morgan.

Freshman Katy Nichols had a great game, but unfortunately hurt her right shoulder. She injured it by blocking someone with so much momentum that she hurt herself.

In a week full of memorable events, the Powderpuff game was a fun way to get students involved.