Senior Capstone Teaches Civic Responsibility


LUMBER JACKS: Last year’s wrestlers cuts wood for the elderly during a Braves in Action Activity. This year the senior capstone class followed suit, recently helping some community members with their firewood.

JD Morris, staff writer

Winter is coming, and members of the senior capstone class have been helping needy community members get ready for the cold by cutting and stacking fire wood.

The seniors recently took a trip to an elderly lady’s home to help chop and stack wood to help her through the winter. Having the opportunity to help this lady cut her wood was a great experience for these seniors as they helped her out. For the able-bodied, learning how to help those in need can mean a lot. After the day was over and the classes went to leave the lady’s house, the students saw how much this little act of service meant to her.”It was a good experience. I had fun chopping wood with my friends, and it was a good thing to help out with,” said senior Winston Green.

Senior Capstone is a class where the students are given many chances to perform service along with learning skills and preparing for life after high school. The class takes several service trips throughout the valley, from cleaning the highway to working in the food pantry and even helping some elderly with chores outside their homes.

Senior capstone can help get kids earn scholarships and get into college by giving students many opportunities to apply to their dream schools and learn how to use scholarships to their best advantage. “The activities we do in capstone gets kids doing things that they normally would not get a chance to do like helping out in the community,” said class teacher Mr. Lancaster.

Capstone students will continue to serve in the community as the school year goes, making them better citizens and college prospect.