Dress Up Week Shows Spirited Creativity

OLD SCHOOL: Best friends Page Zahne, Becca bowman, Natalya Call, and Amelia Griffith dress up as the founding fathers on throwback day.

Delsa Thomas, staff writer

There’s an old saying that “the clothes make the person.” If that is true, then many students showed their true colors during homecoming week. Every year the week of Homecoming is filled with things to do, and dressing up is one of the most popular with students.

Throughout the week, each day had a different theme, chosen by the student body. They came up with Movie Monday, Teacher Tuesday, College Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Spirit Friday.

A couple of the days had school-based themes. “My favorite dress up day was college day and my least favorite was teacher day.  I thought it was super fun to dress up to show school spirit,” said senior Taggert Heward.

Movie Monday gave kids a chance to rep their favorite movie characters. “I dressed up for Movie Monday as Sulley from Monsters Inc and my friend Hayden Morgan dressed up as Mike Wazowski,” said freshman Bryson Nield.

Dressing up also gave students a chance to resurrect old fashion trends. “My favorite day was throwback Thursday, but if I could have chosen a day for people to dress up, I would have chosen neon day,” said freshman Lucy Strasburg.

The week ended with traditional spirit dress as kids wore their crimson and gold. “Wearing the jersey to me is a great privilege. It’s an honor to get to represent your school in any sport, but football feels a little more special because you’re wearing it with your whole team!” said senior Kaleb Fila.

Even teachers got into the spirit. “I like to dress to dress up every year to show school spirit, and it gives me something to look forward to,” said Mr. Patterson who went all out on spirit day, even dying his beard crimson and gold.

As far as homecoming activities go, dress up days gives students the best chance to creatively show their school spirit.