“Light the Night” Debuts to Mixed Reviews

LIGHT THE NIGHT: The new tradition in action. “I don’t think it got us as hyped up as the dummy did.” Said senior Katy Rushing.

Jack Burgess, staff writer

For years, the burning of the dummy has been a highlight of homecoming week for many students; however, this year, the tradition was replaced by Light the Night. Instead of burning a dummy dressed in the opposing team’s uniform, a large metal “SV” constructed by the welding class was filled with flammable material and lit.

“The main reason we changed it was just the amount of wood it took. It took 5-6 hours for it to burn; and if you look out there, there’s still remnants from last year’s bonfire,” said Principal Jason Horsley. “We also just wanted to try something new that wasn’t the image of a human being hanging above a bonfire as we all stand around and cheer.”

However, some students were not as enthusiastic about the event. “I thought the burning of the SV was nice, but I don’t think it was really worth it to get rid of a tradition that we’ve literally had forever,” said senior Katy Rushing.

“I just missed the dummy because we’ve done it all 3 years, and it was a little more personal; it got us fired up more,” said senior Winston Green. “But I liked what they did and they put a lot of effort into it, so I appreciated it.”

Although not all students feel that Light the Night was better than the dummy burning we grew up with, we can all find comfort in the fact that the next generation of SVHS students have a new tradition that that they can enjoy for years to come.