Blackout Leads to Dance Party on 50 Yard Line


DANCE PARTY: Number 82 Boyd Sorenson from the Sugar Salem Diggers shows off his dance moves during the blackout on Braves Field. Faith Shaw, manager for the Braves, videoed this segment of the dance battle that developed at midfield.

Kamryn Jenkins, Staff Writer

On September 10th the Braves faced up against the Sugar Salem Diggers on Braves Field. The last time that these two teams met up was in the 2020 season in Sugar Salem when the Braves came up just short losing 13-27, so the Braves were out for revenge.

In the third quarter of this tough battle, two of the stadium lights went out, leaving the teams and fans in darkness. What ensued was one of the strangest things to ever take place on the Braves football field: a dance battle between the Diggers and Braves at the 50-yard line.

Junior running back Kaleb Spalding was confused at what was happening. “I thought we were just going out there to hang out, and then Sugar Salem thought that it would be fun to start dancing. We definitely won the dance battle. Sugar thought that they won, but we definitely did.”

Junior Emree Erickson was super fanning in the student section when the dance battle started.  “I was confused at what was even happening in the circle,” said Erickson. “It was super cool to learn what was happening in the circle after the game.”

Faith Shaw, manager for the braves thought the the dance battle “was pretty close. Both teams showed their best moves. There were boys doing backflips, the worm, and lots of other silly moves!”

The dance battle helped both teams to keep warm while waiting for the lights to turn back on. As soon as the lights came back on, it was back to football.  The Braves came up short that night, losing 22-6, but they won’t soon forget dancing with the Diggers.