Juniors Claim Beefcake Title


GOOD GAME: Seniors and juniors say good game and give high fives after a tough game. “I hate volleyball but I showed up and played and we came out with the dub,” said Cooper Kabonic.

Kamryn Thompson, staff writer

A tradition for homecoming involves boys dressing up like girls to play volleyball, an event fondly called beefcake volleyball. Although administration put the kibosh on the more feminine articles of clothing worn in the past, like sports bras, the players still dressed up and had fun.

The crowd cheered while watching boys in shortie shorts attempt to play volleyball and try to beat the other classes. This year the juniors were named the beefcake champions after beating the seniors and the sophomores. The juniors had an awesome block, and nobody could get anything past it.

Lady Brave volleyball players served as coaches for the team. Gracee Cazier and Olivia Engleheardt coached the seniors. The juniors were coached by Josie Linford, Maddie Hale, and Madeline Jeske, and the sophomores were coached by Sheridan Coles, Malia Allred, and Shay Andrews. Literally the whole freshman team coached their classmates.