Fall Sports Well Underway

LET’S GOOO! The varsity Lady Braves put up a good rally to earn a win. The girls dominated Jackson in three sets on our home court for senior night. “It’s really sad that this is my last year in high school volleyball. I’m going to miss it a ton, but hopefully my future holds more of it so I can continue to play. And I am going to miss the bonds that I developed with all the girls,” senior Mickey Frazier.

Maddie Hale, staff writers

Fall sports include football, volleyball, cross country, and golf. Each of these sports draw in their own crowds with football drawing in crowds from all throughout the community  and all ages.

With a growing super fanning section, even the cold autumn weather does not stop people continuing to come and support the football team. The volleyball team also draws big crowds, but these fans are protected from the bitter cold and enjoy the continuous battle across the net.

The dancers and cheerleaders both endure the cold weather to go and perform at the football games, bundling up so they can continue to cheer and dance, and the Brave Cadettes put on a popular halftime performance, keeping themselves warm by continuing to move. The cheerleaders continue to keep the spirit strong while watching the games and getting the crowd involved.

Both individual sports, golf and cross country take place on the golf course, a place fans cannot easily gather, but both still have their fair share of spectators.

The athletes appreciate the fans, but even without them, they would still play.