First Assembly Gets Students Back Together


ALL RISE: The cheer squad leads the student body in the Pledge of Allegiance to kick off the first assembly of the school year.

The first week of school might have seemed pretty normal for sophomores and juniors. For freshman and seniors it might have felt a little different. During the first week, the school had the first school assembly, just like every other year. Last year’s was a little different because of covid and that meant no smoothie challenge.

Freshman have never seen what the assemblies are like here. “It was different than the middle school assemblies, and I enjoyed it a lot,” said Lexie Rock .

As for seniors, they’ve seen it all, but now they are seeing it for the last time. “I feel weird having it being my last year of school, and it hit me that it would be my last first day SVHS assembly,” said Melonie Perez Cano.

At the beginning of the assembly cheer squad came out and preformed a cheer they learned over the summer and waved as they were introduced. Next up came the introduction of new teachers and old teachers in new positions. They walked out dressed up while each performed a stylish cat walk.

The smoothie challenge, the last activity of the assembly, revived an old tradition where student body officers spin a wheel to find out which nasty or tasty foods will go into the smoothie they all must drink.

The smoothie, which had a base of orange juice, ended up as a disgusting cocktail filled with sardines, hot sauce, Vienna sausages, frosting and more. SBO President Zac Patterson was the last to drink and had to down the entire concoction.

At the end of the assembly the band played the school song while the cheer team again took the stage. The first day assembly, back in all its glory, seemed to get the school off on the right foot.