Bridging the Great Social Divide


IMAGINE: Most students will recognize this hallway mural, but many have forgotten the message behind it

Priscilla Greenwell, staff writer

Whether you believe Earth is flat or aliens have overtaken the government, people will continuously be divided over which side they think is right. With everything going on in the world today, there seems to be no room for different opinions.

People seem to only focus on what differs between each other’s views instead of understanding what they can agree upon. I personally have witnessed this division in our school, even during the first week. I have noticed for years the division between the different cliques at school, but it seems the bullying has increased ever since the world has become so divided socially. I think that the first step to solving this is to address the problem at hand.

The problem that I and many others have noticed is that there is a lot of bullying that goes on in our school. While some might argue that in some cases it is just a joke that has been taken too far, others who have personally experienced this bullying would disagree. “The friend group I had would run away from me and whenever I tried to talk to them they would literally push me out of the group,” said senior Maddy Brown. 

While students are both getting bullied and bullying in return, they also are the solution. “We need to keep our minds open to more possibilities. Don’t stay one-sided, understand the other side, and at the very least you need to respect and understand their decisions,” Brown continued. 

Some faculty at the school also had some things to say about bullying. “I am lucky to be in the library where the students are very respectful of the place and each other,” said school librarian Stephanie Suloff. The Library is a safe place where people go to be around their friends and relax during the school day.

The library is also a place where the bullying situation can be improved. I feel as a teacher we can help improve these issues by being aware of triggers that may cause a student to bully.  We as teachers can support students and help them cope with their issues. Sometimes a student may need to be referred to the counseling office for extra support. Letting a student know that we care about them may curtail some of the bullying,” said Suloff.

There are things we can do as students, teachers, and just everyday people to curve bullying.

“Everyone you meet knows something you don’t, be willing to learn from them””

— Unknown


In our ever-changing world, it is important to understand all sides, explore new ideas, and keep our minds open to all of the new possibilities. No matter if you think global warming is a hoax or if you think the moon landing was faked, make sure you keep an open mind in this divided world.