Fall Season Excites Hunters


BAND OF BROTHERs: The Lancasters show their success in getting their hunting season started. “We just jumped him and he started to wrap around this mountain. I free-handed him at like 200 yards and then I shot him 3 more times when he popped out 40 yards below me. This sucker wouldn’t die, but we finally got it,” said Kash Lancaster of his kill.

JD Morris, staff writer

As the end of the year starts to come, the big game animals  get into what is called the “rut,” and that means hunters start to get ready for opening day, the first day of the rifle hunting season. Hunters look forward to this day like Christmas with most thinking about, planning, and scouting for it months in advance.

The rut is the mating season for a lot of critters in the nearby mountains, animals outdoors people love to hunt such as elk, mule deer and moose. School comes second on these fall hunting days as many students take the day, or days off, to hit the hills with their trusty rifles.

Avid outdoorsman and hunter Kysen Hebdon said, “Yeah I’m pretty pumped myself. Ive spent a lot of time scouting. I just got a long range gun named Betty , shout out to Betty. The horn growth is pretty good this year so there should be quite a few big bucks.”

DOWN: Kysen Hebdon brought down this nice buck early in the season. Lots of people are getting off to a good start this year with many big bucks out and around and ready for the taking.


GETTING THINGS DONE: Senior Zach Patterson proudly displays a buck he shot high in the mountains of Swiftcreek Canyon. “It started out slow, so we decided to stay an extra morning. We killed a buck but had a rough time packing it out, but it was a memorable experience,” said Patterson

Hunting is a demanding sport requiring hunters to hike miles through rough terrain to find the big ones. Even unsuccessful hunter at least get their steps in. “I hiked all the way up Prater twice to see the same two forkys,” said junior Cooper Kabonic.

Many hunters scratched a year-long itch by getting out and hunting for deer. With elk season coming, there will be more opportunities to bag a trophy.