Students, Cars Arrive in Style

WADING: Orion Cottam and his Jeep Commander get wet. This is the second vehicle Cottam has owned. “I’ve definitely put a lot more money into the Jeep,” said Cottam.

Jack Burgess, staff writer

With school now back in session, many students can be found in the parking lot, along with their vehicles. Whether it’s the price, the speed, or the style, every student choses their vehicle for a reason.

For senior Orion Cottam, it was his vehicle’s many capabilities that made him choose a 2010 Jeep Commander. “I wanted something I could take off-roading and to places other cars can’t go,” Cottam said. Orion hopes to one day own a Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

On the other hand, senior Jesus Carillo-Zarate wasn’t looking for anything in particular when he found his 2010 BMW 328i. “I was looking through KSL, and I came across it and loved it!,” said Carillo-Zarate. He believes that his license plate cover is one thing that makes his vehicle unique.

Another vehicle that stands out from the rest is senior Tysen Peavler’s 2001 Subaru Legacy GT, which he has modified extensively. “So far I’ve done a vinyl wrap, spaced the wheels out wider, and I have a whole new speaker system and a new exhaust in it,” Peavler said. “I have easily put more than 200 labor hours into it and like $1300 for the sound system and $900 for the wrap.”

Next time you find yourself in the student parking lot, be sure to observe the many unique vehicles and the students that drive them.