On the Road to High School Fame


STRIKE A POSE: Teachers Lancaster and Barnes strike their favorite poses that made them TikTok Famous. “At first, we were a little skeptical to make this video, but once we started getting it put together, we thought that it would be something that the students would enjoy,” said senior Gracee Cazier.

Gracee Cazier and Faith Shaw

A famous TikToker may be sitting next to you in class, passing you in the halls, or standing in line with you may be.

TikTok is a platform where people of all ages, color, and gender can go to create or watch relatable content. Senior Kaleb Fila uses TikTok to make funny and relevant videos for his 11K followers to watch.

Senior Elle Erickson’s videos racks up the views for her posts because she knows how to keep up with the trends. Her videos have a combined 136.1K total likes.

Along with the students, social studies teacher Aaron Lancaster and mechanics teacher Daniel Barnes have also built up some fame … in a different way. Lancaster and Barnes found their fame modeling “ranch wear for the working cowboy” for Wyoming Traders. Next time you’re walking the halls, keep your eyes peeled because you just might be surrounded by fame.