SBO Week Combines Fun, Politics, Laughs

WE’RE THERE! Mr. Balls and Mr. Baker do their best Dumb and Dumber impression. They hosted the assembly in the guise of Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas. “That was so funny! It really brought the assemblies to another level. They really brought the excitement to keep us engaged,” said junior Dylan Johnson.

Mia Hutchinson and Whitnee Hale

The week of May 10th was got political as students ran for school office during the annual SBO week. Activities included trivia and family feud, while both tickets provided lunch to make the week as great as possible for students. Aall the candidates showed a tremendous amount of school spirit and friendship.

Many students get excited for SBO week because of all the activities and fun during the week. “It was a party! Since we did not get to have an SBO week last year, this was really fun. I’m glad we got to have one,” said junior Kamryn Jenkins.

This was the first experience freshmen and sophomores had with this long-standing school tradition. “I thought it was really fun! All the candidates did a really good job. I definitely could not get in front of the school and give a speech,” said freshman Aubree Hale.

Although many activities too place throughout the week, candidate-catered lunch was a student favorite. On the 10th the red ticket served grilled hot dogs were served, and on the 11th gold candidates gave out wwalking tacos. Students that usually go out for lunch were persuaded to stay at the school and support their peers. “I ate both of these lunches because who doesn’t love free food?” said freshman Collin Rivard. Food definitely is the way to a teenagers heart… or vote.

To make things fair, the candidates were split into two different groups to campaign; the red team and the gold team. Secretary Preston Buehler, 1st VP Samantha Meyer, and President Sydney Beeson made up the red team while 2nd VP Gentry Hendricks, VP Natalya Call, and President Zac Patterson rounded out the gold.

As the week came to a close, the candidates gave their speeches and hoped for the best. “I was really nervous to give the speech, but it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. Tally’s great and I’m really glad she won. I think she’ll be great for our school,” said Natalya Call’s campaign manager Kylie Edwards.

SBO week was a great success and made for a bit of a fun distraction for class-weary student. Preston Buehler, Gentry Hendricks, Natalya Call, and Zac Patterson were eventually voted into office, but administration, staff, and student alike expressed appreciation for all were brave enough to run for office.