Matching Shirts Make for Memorable MORP


MATCHY MATCHY: Wearing traditional matching couple shirts, Zach Johnson, Whitnee Hale, Mia Hutchinson, Cache Bagley, Amber Milne, and Brant Nelson gather for a picture before going to MORP.

Irrissa Guyett, staff writer

MORP, prom spelled backwards, takes place after prom and this year was no exception. The reverse prom took place on May 8th from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. where tickets were cheap and couples wore matching shirts. Although this is usually an amazing dance, low turnout cut the dance short.

Many people did not stay for the whole dance as it was scheduled to be three hours long. “We left about 10:30 p.m. We went back and played some games at a friend’s house,” said Paysen Robinson. Many people came and danced for an hour or two and then left the dance completely.

However, some people left because their friends wanted to leave. “We came a little bit later because we had a big group event beforehand. I didn’t want to leave early, but we left early because the boys were getting bored. We went to someone’s house and watched a movie,” said Harvest Kinn.

Many people who might have stayed otherwise left because their friends or date wanted to leave. With other people leaving, River Thomas followed the crowd. “We left around 9:30 because everyone else was leaving, and we went on a drive and watched the stars.” He and his date spent the evening marveling at the natural beauty that Wyoming has to offer.

Perhaps students were out of dancing practice. Since all dances up to prom this year were cancelled due to covid, maybe daters did not have the stamina for three hours.

Like prom, many couples did things on day dates before MORP even started. “We did a scavenger hunt, made cake, and ate hamburgers,” said Robinson.

Many big groups met up before MORP to hang out. “One of my friends put together this enormous [group of] 10 couples. We had an Iron Chef competition and an Amazing Race,” said Kinn. One dish that stood out in the competition was a Bacon Cheesecake made by Amy Sitter and Ben Eggbert.

Some couples traveled to Idaho before MORP. “We went on a day date. We went to Gravity Factory,” said Wyatt Dunn.

There were many highlights throughout the night for people to enjoy. “[The highlight for me was] high schoolers not grinding. I didn’t see it once,” said Robinson.

Many students felt happy to once again attend a dance. “That was my first dance I went to since we shut down for COVID-19. I was excited to just be there and get the opportunity to go,” said Kinn.

As covid cases fall, hopefully more dances are on the horizon. Thomas had an amazing night with his date. “My highlight was the whole night and taking my beautiful date Klare Dwyer!” The staff put a lot of work into getting the dance ready and it showed. “I liked the decorations,” said Dunn.

While MORP ended early, those that went had fun matching their shirts, dancing, and going on day dates.