NHS Members Walk Halls of Elementary Schools


LUNCH DATE: NHS member Emma Thomson visits with a young Osmond Elementary student. “I was proud to represent what these kids can eventually achieve if they work hard and stay in school,” said Thomson.

Deegan Foley, Staff Writer

National Honors Society seniors represent the best of the senior class, and they act as role models for younger students yet to come to high school. They promoted their ideals of academic excellence and integrity by walking the halls of the elementary schools in the caps and gowns recently.

“The whole thing was really fun. The kids seemed in real awe of us. It was super neat,” said Scott Shumway.

NHS member visited the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders of the Etna and Osmond Elementary schools.

“The kids were really fun to be around. They asked us some very unique questions to say the least,” said Renn Helm.

These graduating seniors used to walk the halls of these buildings as students. “It was fun going back to the old school where there was lots of memories, reflecting on the good ole times,” said Peter Visser.

NHS advisor Mrs. Dockstader said Principal Klein from Etna contacted her a few years ago about having NHS members visit his school to show his students what successful graduates look like. “He wanted to motivate his students to stay in school,” said Dockstader.

“Our National Honor Society students have worked really hard this year, doing service and having food drives to help the community. This is a chance for them to celebrate their success,” said Dockstader.

NHS distinguished graduates will receive their diplomas wearing the white, gold, and blue band of the society.