Waitressing Makes for Extra Hard Summer Job


YUM: Sometime customers have to wait at the crowded Red Baron Drive In, and they take out their frustration on the car hops.

Gracee Cazier, staff writer

Drivers passing through Afton after May probably cannot help but notice the shining lights and long lines of cars crowded around the Red Baron Drive-In. The famous fast food restaurant brings in many customers a day, and some of these customers are more difficult to deal with than others. As a carhop at the Red Baron, I know.

The Baron is such a busy place that some customers tend to forget that we are all teenagers trying our best to get them what they want as quickly as we can. I get it. After a long day, all you want is to get some delicious dinner with a nice cold shake, but busy times can make for a long wait. On occasion, customers tend to lash out.

Junior McKenna Frazier had a difficult time with a couple at the Baron. “It was a usual busy night, and this old couple waved me to their car. I hurried my best to the car but when I got their, they started yelling at me. They started swearing and getting aggressively which made me really uncomfortable. When I went to go get my boss, they honked, yelled some more and then drove away,” stated Frazier.

Another hard experience challenged senior Abbey Delgado. “My worst experience with a customer was when a guy yelled at me for over ten minutes until he was red in the face. He was claiming that his shake was icy. He has already eaten some of the shake, so we couldn’t give him a refund. It was pretty scary,” explained Delgado.

Working at the Red Baron is a job that many teenagers aspire to get. Having a summer job makes for good work ethic, time management, and way of income.  Even though there are great upsides to jobs, they are hard enough without angry and upset customers. But perseverance is what life and jobs are all about.