Paul/Askren Fight Disappoints Viewers


The fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren was all hype and no substance, but if it leads to Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather, fans will see if Paul is serious or not. Mayweather was 50-0 during his professional boxing career.

Jaren Smith, staff writer

Famous rapper, YouTube star, and now fighter, Jake Paul burst into the spotlight again wit recent commitment to the sport of fighting. Paul has had a very controversial career but has found a new way to spread his face around by fighting many non-fighting opponents, but nothing was like his recent bout against Ben Askren.

Askren was not as familiar with the UFC as Paul who had fought two fights previously. Tristen Kleeman watched the match and was not impress. “It was probably one of the worst fights I’ve ever seen. It almost felt staged.” Many viewers felt the same  especially with with Askren smiling right after the fight.

SMILE: Ben Askren smiles after his first round loss to Jake Paul. Senior Corbin Tolman thought the fight was rigged because Askren was smiling right after he got knocked on his face. Paul will continue his career by fighting Floyd Mayweather in the future.

It only took Jake Paul one round to knock out the former wrester. “I feel like it would have been adifferent story if it was MMA,” said Kleeman. This fight sparked a lot of controversy with Paul hoping to continue to fight in some big matches against some big names. He is pushing for a fight with the seasoned boxer Floyd May-weather, but after his dud against Askren, Paul may not get the chance.

Paul and Mayweather met up for the first time at a press event where Paul took Mayweather’s hat to provoke him into accepting the match. If the fight takes place, viewers can finally decide if Paul is the real deal or just trying to have another famous moment.

FIGHT: Jake Paul takes Floyd Mayweather’s hat to rile him up. Senior Cody Gustafson said he doesn’t want Jake Paul to win because he doesn’t like him at all. The fight will hopefully be scheduled soon so fans can see if Paul is a real fighter.