Students Artists Impress at Symposium


WORK OF ART: This colored pencil piece called “Lilly” by Callin Sanderson won a congressional honorary purple ribbon at art symposium in Arpil. The drawing is of his sister Lilly. “I really wanted to focus on her eyes and get them right,” said Sanderson.

Deegan Foley, Staff Writer

PRESCIENT: Junior Madisyn Brown created this piece last year before covid, and it turned out to be a pretty strong statement a year latter. Brown’s piece went to symposium this year because the event was cancelled last year when the pandemic hit.

Art Symposium, a yearly tradition for talented artists in the school to display their work, took place as usual at the end of an unusual year. What was not unusual was the amount of talent from SVHS that caught judges’ eyes on April 23rd and 24th in Casper at the Events Center.

Callin Sanderson garnered the most attention with art that won 21 ribbons, the most ever for an individual SVHS artist at symposium.

“It was really neat seeing all the other schools’ artwork and seeing really why Star Valley is the best,” said Sanderson.

Senior Taylor Erickson, who won 12 ribbons herself, said, “It was cool seeing everyone trying their best and to see my hard work rewarded.”

McKayla Brog’s piece received the prestigious honor of being chosen to hang in Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s office during the coming year.

Mr. Guild felt proud, as always, of his students and their work. “It’s so incredible, and though there were so many other pieces I wanted to see entered, I can’t complain with how these kids did this year,” said Guild.

Many students and community members got the opportunity to see this incredible symposium art when it went on display in the auxiliary gym on May 6th.