FFA Goes to Cheyenne for State FFA


ANIMALS: The Livestock Judging team WAITS for the competition to start. “I did ENR and Livestock judging on this final trip. I definitely could have done better, but I did very well in my competitions,” said Katie Vigil. The team took 30th at state.

Irrissa Guyett, staff writer

FFA members know the school is winding down when the time for their state comes.

State FFA took place from April 6th to 8th in Cheyenne this year.  Environmental and Natural Resources, Poultry, Horse, Livestock, Farm Business Management, Vet Tech, and Agriculture Issues teams competed.

Members competing on those teams included Irrissa Guyett, Mitch Martiny, Katie Vigil, Kristen Raker, Lynsey Lawson, Dave Hutchinson, Marley Carey, Madison Carey, Braydon Clark, Demri Nebeker, Allie Kopcho, Caleb Roberts, Clancy Olenslager, and Payton Larson.

At State, the new state officers for next year are announced and the old ones retire. Katie Vigil was picked as the new state 2nd Vice President. This is an amazing achievement and everyone is so excited to see what Vigil accomplishes.

Many students have fond experiences that come with being involved in FFA. “My favorite experience at state was sitting in the audience and realizing that this was my last state convention and how fast the time flew,” said Marley Carey.

For many seniors, their last state is a bittersweet moment where they look back on their time in FFA, filled with fun and friends. This year there were also some very special guests that came a long way to attend this event. “My favorite experience was getting to meet national officer Marion Hoffman and attending her leadership workshop,” said Madison Carey.

Hoffman hosted a few fun workshops where she shared her own experiences and involved the crowd in fun activities. The potential state officer candidates did not know if they got in office until the state competition. “My favorite experience was when I got installed as a new officer, and I watched some of my closest friends retire their jackets,” said Vigil.

While Vigil was uncertain if she would be elected, the FFA team was confident that she would. “[I thought] Katie for president [because] she is a leader whether she knows or not,” said Kristin Raker. The president is in charge of directing the entire team in the right direction. Others were less certain on what position Katie might get. “I knew Katie was going to get a state office and be part of the team, but I did not know exactly what position,” said Madison Carey.

Herself, Vigil wanted to be Parliamentarian to honor her friend, but was still happy to be 2nd Vice President. “I was happy with any office, but was hoping for Parliamentarian because it was the position Dayne [state officer and friend of Vigil’s from another school] got, and I would not be where I am if not for him,” said Vigil.

The SV chapter achieved some major things at state. The Mechanics team of Roberts, Olenslager, Martiny, and Larson took 2nd and Agriculture Issues team of Vigil, Nebeker, CRoberts, and Larson took 3rd out of all the teams that competed at state. Vigil’s Employment Skill team took first. The chapter also earned a two-star award.

Mr. Warren, the chapter advisor for 30 years, will retire this year, so this year’s state was his last. His enthusiasm for teaching was amazing to see. “The things that made education exciting for me every day was the fact that I would be able to see the enthusiasm of my students. I really enjoyed the aspect of “Hands on Learning” and being able to watch as students acquired the skills I was able to pass on,” said Mr. Warren. Students and teachers alike are so grateful for all the years that Mr. Warren has devoted to teaching at SVHS.