Warren to Retire After 33 Years of Teaching


Hailey Cram

LET ME SHOW YOU: Mr. Warren doing what he has done for 30 years, helping kids like Josh Baird learn tradecraft. “Welding has also played a major role in my teaching, and I still get excited when I see the look on a student’s face that says, ‘I get this, I can weld, ‘”said Warren. 

Elsie England, staff writer

Unfortunately, a long-time and much-beloved staff members plans to retire at the end of this school year. Dallas Warren has been teaching at Star Valley High School for 33 years, and many are sad to see him go.

How long have you taught at Star Valley High School?

”I have taught my entire teaching career here at Star Valley High School, 33 years.”

What has changed the most in education over that time?

“The biggest change I’ve witnessed in education during my tenure is the technology. Apple 2e’s were just taking hold when I started, never imagined that students wouldn’t have text books or paper and pencils.”

What is something that you always enjoyed teaching over that time?

“I’ve enjoyed being involved in the FFA the most over my teaching career as I believe that students really find themselves through this program and tend to gain the confidence in themselves as well as the leadership abilities that make them outstanding citizens of their communities. I also enjoyed making a difference in my students’ lives.There is no greater reward for me than when a student thanks me for being their teacher and for opening opportunities for them.”

What’s the biggest challenge you had in teaching over that time?

“I would say the biggest challenge in education has been trying to juggle my time between school, family and my job as a farrier. By far the most time consuming has been FFA. It involves so much time out of school as well as in school. We tend to become a big FFA family, and because we travel so much together, we know each other so well, both the good and the bad.”

What will you miss the most about teaching after you retire?

”The main thing that I will miss after I retire is my students and being able to see them grow and the fantastic teaching staff we have here at the high school along with the friendships I’ve developed over the years. I also will miss coming to my second home where I’ve spent majority of my life.”

What are your plans in retirement?

“The plans for my future include plenty of hunting, fishing, riding and shoeing horses, visiting grandchildren, honey dos, and catching up on things I haven’t been able to do for years. I might even take up black smithing.”

A staple in the vocational education department and FFA program for over thirty years, Mr. Warren will be missed.