Stimulus Checks for Parents or Kids?


MAD MONEY: After 3 rounds of stimulus checks, students from most families had $2000 sent their way, but many parents kept their kids’ checks to make sure the money was used wisely.

Gracee Cazier, staff writer

Recently, the third round of covid federal stimulus payments hit the bank accounts of qualifying families. Although the last two checks also went to dependent kids in these families, not all the kids saw the money.

The most recent check paid $1,400 to each family member, while the previous one paid $600. Some parents decided to give their kids their check while others kept the money and put it towards the cost of vacations or anything from food to clothes to other necessities.

Sophomore Cameron Erickson did not see any of the relief money. “I didn’t get one, and I’m not sure why. If I had gotten it, I would’ve used it to buy new clothes and shoes,” said Erickson.

Junior Kamryn Jenkins’ parents gave her the $1,400 check. “My parents said they transferred the money from their account into mine, but I haven’t checked yet. I told them that I’m going to use the money and get a blow up paddle board with the money. They aren’t so convinced about me doing that though,” said Jenkins.

Amber Milne’s parents didn’t think twice about withholding her check for safekeeping. “I asked them about it, and they didn’t even have to think about it. They didn’t give it to me so that they can use it for our needs/wants,” stated Milne.

For some parents it was an easy decision; others had to ponder the choice. Luckily, if your parents did not give you your check, they kept it for necessities or make too much money for you to receive one. You either got money to splurge with, use wisely, or  your family already has enough money, so it’s all good.