Ammo Shortage Driving up Demand, Cost


READY, AIM, FIRE: Senior JJ Hunsaker gets some shooting in, a favorite past time for many students in the valley. High demand for ammunition has made bullets of all kinds scare and expensive.

Gabe Nield, staff writer

Whether you enjoy hunting or just shooting for fun, ammunition has been in high demand. According the Peterson’s Hunting website, “A pandemic, civil unrest and the fear of a gun-control-happy administration has caused both weapon and ammunition sales to skyrocket in 2020.” The website goes on to explain that the shortage is in the stores that sell ammo even though manufacturers are cranking out more product than ever before.

The nation is experiencing a shortage of ammo and the asking prices for any type of bullet has shot up anywhere from 25% to 50% from a year ago.  Many shooting enthusiasts have harsh feelings about price boost.

“I hate having to pay more for the same bullet for no reason. I can’t go out and just shoot targets or squirrels anymore because you can hardly afford to keep ammo in your gun,” said senior Stoker Neuenschwander.

WAIT AND WATCH : Stoker N. Watches and waits for his perfect shot on the opener for deer. “I can’t afford to just sling lead at them without a guarantee kill shot” said Neuenschwander.

Some student blame politics on the ammunition scarcity. “ I think it’s a way for the government to gain a little more control over our guns. If you think about it, what good are guns if you have to pay steep prices in order to shoot them,” said junior Kysen Hebdon.

Having experienced similar situations in the past, some students have learned to buy ammo in bulk when it is available. “The prices of bullets have really made me upset. So I’m glad that I have stockpiled a bunch of bullets for the guns I shoot the most,” said senior Haze Child.

High prices for bullets have made some people very thankful that they know how to reload their own ammo. Many people around the valley, including a few high school kids, keep their casings to reload them by themselves. Reloading bullets cuts out the process of having to go purchase a new box when hunting season rolls around or the urge to shoot targets arises.

“With more people interested in gun ownership and increased ammo hoarding, gun stores have been left barren,” said Peterson’s Hunting website, so make sure and grab bullets while you can before you can’t afford to get ammo at all.