Music Diverse as People Who Listen

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Karsen_Spaulding, staff writer

Everyone has a different taste in music and jam to different tunes while at school or on their free time.

Many kids listen to a wide variety of music; it kind of depends on their mood.”I like some of that hard rap, such as Lil Baby, Kevin Gates, and Polo G, but then there’s time I like to listen to throw backs or some Taylor Swift,” said senior Kale Johnson.

The average person listens to 29 hours of music a year, so what does that sound like? ” I listen to a lot of Harry Styles when I’m with myself, but then when I’m with a group of friends we usually are listening to a lot of things,” said Kendyll Rappleye. Her tastes run anywhere from  rap, to pop, to country. “It just depends on the group’s vibe and what sounds good to us.”

Music is such a versatile art that it covers a range of emotions from happy to really sad and down to romantic. It is scientifically proven that music can change your mood or clear your mind from the bad things in life. “Usually when I’m down bad or in my feels, I listen to sad music, but then when I’m happier I listen to some hype music such as Polo G and some harder rap,” said Senior Tristan Kleeman.

Music is a part of life. Some people listen more than others, and everyone has a different taste in music, but there are plenty of artist out there. Who do you love to listen to? What kind of mood does your music put you in? Comment below.