Braves Soccer Season Underway


BOUNCING BACK : Brant Nelson in the backfield gets ready to score off a kick from Robert Choma in 2019, the last time the team played on Braves field.

Gabe Nield, Ssaff writer

The Braves Athletic Program has no gaps between sports. With basketball ending the week before soccer, a lot of the boys had no time to relax before hitting the pitch.  “I’m pumped for soccer.It’s my favorite sport that I do and I throughly enjoy it. I’m super stoked to see how we end up doing this season,” said senior Brant Nelson.

The Braves have had two games so far and came came out of them with one win against Green River and one loss against the Rock Spring. However, the season is still very young with Kelley Walsh and Natrona on the horizon for April 9th.

“I’m ready for this season, especially since we had to take all of last year off due to COVID. I think we will do pretty good this year cause we have some talented kids.”

Star Valley transplant Alfonzo Centeno-Perez said, “I like Star Valley way more than I liked Jackson. Everybody here is so much easier to get along with, and I’m excited to play for the Braves. Although I am nervous to play against my old Jackson team, just because I don’t know how well they took me moving to Star Valley.”

With the season just getting going, the Braves look to be competitive in their division and have fun doing it.

SOCCER BUDDIES: Tess Erickson and Amber Milne team up post game in 2019 as freshmen, the last time they laced up their cleats at home. “My main goal this soccer season is to beat Jackson,” said Erickson.