Band Gives Spring Concert


Heidi Gibbons

BANDED: The band held their spring concert at the end of March in the auditorium, the place they have held class all year long. The band has since moved back into the band room for class and practice.

Deegan Foley, staff writer

With most of this really weird school year behind us and the arrival of spring break, the end of the school year is in sight.

This time of year also means spring concerts from the music groups. Band in particular held their concert on Wednesday the 24th of March.

The band, who spent most of year rehearsing while social distanced in the auditorium, have moved back into the band room for class. “It’s been going really well everyone’s done a super good job,” said Aaron Hyde.

Back playing in familiar confines of the bandroom has had a good affect on the musicians. “Im really ready for the concert. My section is very prepared; we may not be perfect, but we are certainly performance adequate,” said sophomore Maddy Brasseaux,

The spring concert is one of only three seasonal conferences the band gives each year. “There were high expectations for this concert, and though most for us felt ready, there’s always extra work to be done and spots to shine up,” said senior Scott Shumway.

Though numbers were limited and social distancing and mask wearing were encouraged, many music lovers showed up to enjoy the concert, just like normal.

MOOD MUSIC: Although the band recently moved their class back to the bandroom, they spent most of the school year so far practicing in the auditorium.