Perms Still Popular?

FISH AND PERMS: Junior Zach Patterson showing off his perm and his great catch.

Elsie England, staff writer

Perms grew to popularity in the 80’s and have been off and on over the years, but they are slowly making their way back.

Chemically curly hair started showing up a couple years ago when some boys went and got them together. For some the style became permanent. JaAren Smith along with some other football boys, made a bet that if they won state they would get a perm and for him, and he actually enjoyed it. “I like how easy kept they are. I can just wake up ,shower, and not worry about my hair,” said Smith. With how quick and easy it is, Smith will keep his perm for a while.

Phoenix Merritt, along with the rest of the football team, hopped on the trend for a new hair style. “I liked how it looked good without me even doing anything,” said Merritt. Perms are a good hairstyle for the lazy look. Merritt continues to love his perm.

Perms are the easy way to do your hair. You get it wet and then go. The “natural” look is the popular trend, looking as if you made no effort in the morning. Those with straight hair envy those who can just get their hair wet and go, but also those with naturally curly hair envy those with straight hair. When they want their hair straight, it takes  time to get it that way.

Perms became trendy for those without naturally curly hair  or as curly as they would like. Senior Halli Hoopes got a perm to make her natural curls more defined and cute. “My hair is naturally curly, but I wanted to make it curlie,” Hoopes said. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if people have perms or not. Tate Frome’s curly hair is all natural.

The perm look is not for everyone. There are different types of perms such as loose curls, medium curls, or tight curls, but not everyone loves the look after getting it. Gavin Bassett got a perm and hated it. “That was a dark time in my life,” said Bassett.

You win or lose with the perm trend. Either you look good and love it or hate everything about it. Perms in the summer could be a good idea for when you are constantly in the water. They are the quick and easy hairstyle that seems to be making a come back from the 80’s. It will be fun to see how long they stay in vogue.