Keyboard iPad Cases Receive Mixed Reactions


KEYBOARD CASE: The new style case was given to sophomores, juniors, and seniors at the beginning of the year and reactions were mixed. Taggert Heward has the new case. “I really don’t like it. I wish they would have given us a new one of the old style. It was a super nice case, and I hate how much the keyboard case gets in the way,” said Heward.

Brant Nelson, staff writer

In the beginning of the year the school updated kids with new iPad cases complete with a built in keyboard allowing students to word process more easily.

By now many students in the school have had the chance to use both cases resulting in a variety of opinions about the cases.

The case with the built in keyboard does allow students who want to type assignments at home have the chance to do so without having to buy either a new personal case or a plug in keyboard. Also, the built in keyboards help teachers save time by not having to distribute the plug in keyboards during class.

However, the keyboard cases are heavier cases and not as easy to handle as the original cases. Also, keys fall off easily when accidentally dropped, a common occurrence amongst students.

“I really like the keyboard cases because I like to type a lot of my assignments and having it convenient to use everyday helps a lot,” said Croix Jenkins.

The durability of the old cases were their best asset. The rugged quality of the earlier cases protected many a dropped iPads from breaking. This case also was super light and easy to handle.

“I loved my old case. It was super nice and portable. The new keyboard is always on and just drives me crazy because it gets in the way a lot,” said Conner Hart.

The new cases have both pros and cons. In the end it really just depends on the student and how they use their iPad.