Spaulding Continues Dominating Lanes


HIGH ROLLERS: Karsen Spaulding, Brock Haderlie, and Deegan Foley display their achievements on the lanes in Lander. Spaulding took 1st while Haderlie and Foley finished 3rd in their respective categories. Foley said, “I was leading all day and should have won!”

Deegan Foley, staff writer

Karsen Spaulding continues his roll on the lanes. On March 6th and 7th, Spaulding led a Star Valley contingency  to Lander for a bowling tournament.

Spaulding came and conquered, taking first place price and $700. He rolled a finishing game of 237 and averaged 200 pins over 6 games. His closest competitor comes from a kid averaging out at 195. Although that sounds really close, over 6 games that’s a 30 pin difference.

Sophomore Auderie Hansen was the only other bowler to qualify for the second day of the competition.  ” I’m proud of him, but there can always be improvement, you know,” said Hansen.

The bowlers who went to Lander had great seats to watch Spaulding roll. “I’m really impressed with Karsen, I never thought he could do that,” said Justus Dudley.

Junior Karlee Cassidy said, “I’m super proud of him. I could never do something like that, and it’s super inspiring.”

Many have noted that the sports of golfing and bowling naturally mix well together. Golf takes place in the good weather months allowing participants to bowl when the weather turns bad. Both sports rely on hand-eye coordination and going from a static position to an explosive athletic position quickly, so maybe it’s no surprise to learn that Spaulding, a past all-state/all-conf golfer, was the school’s best golfer during the golf season.

“I love both sports because both take lots of work and dedication but are fun to play,” said Spaulding. People pay to play both sports, something they would not do if they were not fun.

Bowling for fun can quickly become competitive with improvement. Practice makes perfect, literally. Spaulding recently bowled his first perfect came of 300.