McKay to Clean out His Desk After Long Teaching Career


80’s CHILD: Mr. McKay Erickson in 1985 when he was just a senior at SVHS like the thousands he would later go on to teach over the next three decades.

Gracee Cazier, staff writer

After 29 years of teaching the students of Star Valley, teacher McKay Erickson has decided to retire. Not only has he been a teacher here, he has been a coach and, long before that, a student. Erickson participated in many activities when he was in high school including sports, student council, and community groups. His high school experience led him to  the idea of being a teacher and a coach.

”I graduated in 1985 knowing that I wanted to be a teacher and coach but had no idea that I would be able to come back to my own high school,” stated Erickson.

He got offered the opportunity to teach in Star Valley in 1992 and immediately took the job and has loved every second of it. Erickson has been a part of a variety of classes and activities over the last three decades. He has taught World History, Human Relations, Psychology, United States Government, Internship and Senior Capstone. Along with teaching, he coached football for 12 years and advised the student council for 17 years.

“I have most enjoyed just being a part of a school that always strives for excellence,” said Erickson.

Erickson has been around Star Valley for quite a while, so he knows how thing run around here and has a few words of parting advice for students and teachers. “My advice for seniors is to truly find their potential and never settle for less. There is so much talent and potential in students from Star Valley High School and I love seeing is fulfilled,” said Erickson.

For Mr. Erickson, retirement will not be just sitting at home doing nothing all day. He owns his own timber business, Western Wyoming Timber Services and plans on continuing to work and enjoy that job.

“I will continue to be a member of this great valley and hope to keep it as great as it has always been,” said Erickson.

Even though Mr. Erickson is retiring, he will long be remembered and leave a lasting mark on the school he’s been a part of in one way the other for over 30 years.

“The school looses a veteran educator and valuable mentor to our staff. The thing I will miss the most…..tape tails,” said Principal Horsley about Erickson’s eminent retirement.

Counselor Josh Frazier said, “Mr. Erickson’s  insight to LCSD#2, his dedication to kids and his profession of Social Studies combined with his desire to help mold kids into knowledgable and good US citizens is inspiring.  He is a great teacher, a great man, was a great coach, and is a good friend.  His absence at SVHS will truly be noticed in coming years. The many students who now will not be able to take a class from him will most certainly miss out.  He loves his job, and was always looking for new ways to improve student‘s experience in his classroom.  Kids love him and know he is always on their side.  They learned much, laughed often and left his classroom better than they entered.”

High praise from people who know Erickson well. Staff and students alike will miss McKay.

OLD SCHOOL: Students have usually referred to Mr. Erickson as just “Mckay.” He started teaching in 1992 in the old high school and will retire this year. “It is awesome to see how much kids grow up over their four years,” said Erickson.