Wrestling Just for Boys?


GIRL POWER: Freshman Samantha Walker settles in with boys as a wrestler on the team. “I had a good experience,” said Walker.

Elsie England

Wrestling has traditionally been known as a boys sport, so when we see girls get involved with the sport it seem kind of weird.

A school in Utah has started a girls wrestling, and they are actually really good. With state like Utah taking the first step, maybe it won’t take long before other states hop on the wagon.

Some tough Star Valley girls could round out a team here if given the chance.  “I for sure would be on the girls wrestling team. I’d pin those chicks,” said Emma Thompson

Some girls who keep in shape with sports like CrossFit seem like natural candidates for a girls team.  “I think it would be fun to wrestle. For CrossFit meets you have to cut weight, so I already have the feel of what wrestling would be like,” said Halli Hoopes.

Not all girls would want to wrestle if given the chance.  “Oh heck no. As pretty as some girls are, I would not want to rub my body against theirs,” said Elle Erickson.

Although girls do occasionally wrestle on the boys team, some male wrestlers find it a little weird to wrestle the opposite gender. Jacob Guild, “I think a girls wrestling team would be nice because then I would not have to wrestle a girl. That’s just weird.”

Freshman Samantha Walker wrestled with the Braves this season as the only girl on the team. “It was a good time,” said Walker. She said she likes the idea of a girls team but would be concerned that not enough girls would come out for the squad.

Some students would rather just leave the mat to the boys. “If there was a girls wrestling team, I wouldn’t join because that’s weird for girls to do, but it would be fun to throw people around,” said sopohomore Josie Linford.

“That’s [girls wrestling] weird, and I probably wouldn’t go watch,” said Stoker Neuenschwander. However, Phoenix Merritt would show up to the girls wrestling matches a time or two.

Unfortunately, there is no chance of getting a girls wrestling team in the near future, but it’s fun to imagine and speculate about who would participate and who wouldn’t.