What Does the School Need?

GO TEAM GO: Gabe Clinger said, “We need to get people fired up, get things to make people want to have more fun. It is high school it is supposed ot be lots of fun. Superfanning is so fun but nobody does it anymore. I think we need to find a way to get people excited to superfan again and not just for football. Other schools have an awesome superfan section and we don’t even have one.”

Kamryn Thompson, staff writer

SVHS, now in its 23rd year of use, looks kind of like an older school. Schools like Kelly Walsh or Casper Natrona feel much more modern in comparison, but that does not mean some modern touches do not appear occasionally.

Last semester water bottle fillers were installed in the hallways, and over last summer roof leaks in the hall and the gym were repaired.  Not that those fixes were not appreciated, but some think that the school could use some more renovating.