Locals Wish for More Franchise Food Stops



SVHS DREAM STORES: Star Valley is a place with few people and even fewer restaurants and stores. The people who do live here would like to see more store franchises and restaurants come to the valley in the future.

Whitnee Hale, staff writer

In a small towns like those that make up Star Valley, stores and restaurant choices are limited. Small towns usually only have few chain restaurants—in addition to locally-owned eateries—hair salons, hardware stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. Small towns typically cannot offer much by way of clothing stores clothes, high-end restaurants, or specialty retailers, but that does not stop locals from wishing.

CHICK-FIL-A TRAIN: Junior Hayden Burton loves Chick-fil-a. If he could pick any restaurant, it would definitely be this one. “Who doesn’t like Chick-fil-a? I mean it’s better than everything else in the valley, prove me wrong,” said Burton.

With only few restaurants in Star Valley, many students want to see more high-end, high-profile restaurants in the valley. Chick-fil-a, a well-known fast food restaurant throughout the world, is located in 47/50 states and has more than 2,605 restaurants. Junior Natalya Call is a die hard lover of the popular restaurant. “I would love it if there was a Chick-fil-a in the valley because I LOVE Chick-fil-a, and everything about it is literally to die for!” Weston Stucki agrees with Call. “It has some of the best food ever!”

Other students wants to see more sit down restaurants. Junior Olivia Erickson  would love to see an Olive Garden because of the delicious food, mainly the pasta.

Freshman Nate Hodges  wishes a Cafe Rio or Cheesecake Factory would open its doors here. “Those are probably my favorite restaurants, and I bet everyone loves them. They are so flipping good.”

FROZEN DESSERT: Who doesn’t love ice cream? Sophomore Maddie Hale longs for a new ice cream shop in the valley. “We need a good ice cream store, with good shakes and hard ice cream for nights when you’re just in the mood for a good ice cream cone.”

Along with different restaurants, students would like to see new, bigger store franchises. Olivia Erickson thinks a Walmart would a be nice addition to the valley. “I think it would be super nice to have a Walmart here because that store has a little bit of everything.” Stucki agrees with the idea of a Walmart. He agrees that it has a little bit of everything and would benefit the valley. On the contrary, Burton thinks we should have a Target instead of a Walmart. “Target is better than Walmart, and we don’t have anything like those here.”

TARGET TIME: In Star Valley, hardware and farm stores abound, but  Natalya Call wants to see more than just tractor supplies in the valley. “I think Target would be awesome because they have cute clothes and more than just tractor supplies.”

Maybe in the future as the valley continues to grow, students will start seeing new store franchises and restaurants popping up.