Way Too Early Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day Next Year


Emri Jenkins, staff writer

Did you find yourself wondering what to do for that special someone on Valentine’s Day? Did you pull off the perfect romantic date on 2-14? Assuming you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, read on to find good ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day. Next Year.

Kaiya Hornung: “I would make bread with heart roles and bake. Also we would stay in and watch movies, instead of going out and going somewhere.”
Eddie Dickey: “I would bring the girl over and play card games then watch whatever chick flick movie that she wanted to watch. Then, last but not least, make treats of course.”
Jill England: “Go on a date  to a more fancy restaurant and then afterward  just go and do something fun.”

Valentine’s Day is also called The Feast of Saint Valentine because, of course, you get to feast on all that chocolate that your special someone gave to you. Keep these ideas in mind, and maybe next year your date will appreciate your romantic planning.