Country Star Gets Canceled


SMILE: Country star Morgan Wallen poses at the 2019 CMT Music award show. Wallen recently released a new album, Dangerous: The Double Album.

Gracee Cazier, staff writer

On February 2, 2021, a video came out of Morgan Wallen uttering a racial slur and upsetting people. Unfortunately, due to his words, Wallen no longer qualifies for the 2021 ACM Awards.

In addition to losing his spot at top of the award show, music platforms such as Spotify, Apple, and some big radio stations have removed his music from the radio.

Many students also feel  that in today’s immediate media world, the consequences of Wallen’s speech are too severe. Junior Lyric Johnson thinks the situation sucks. “I think it’s ridiculous that he got canceled. We are supposed to have Freedom of Speech around here. Overall, it’s just pretty dumb; he makes really awesome music.”

Along with Lyric Johnson, senior JJ Hunsaker thinks Wallen should enjoy freedom of speech. “Rappers can say racist things continuously and get no shade, but once a country artist says one, everyone gets upset,” said Hunsaker.

Junior Kassidy Cooper loves Morgan Wallen and is sad about what happened, but she still understands why everyone got so upset. “I feel like what he said what derogatory, but he was in his private place, so I think it shouldn’t be that big of a deal,” said Cooper.

Wallen made a public apology for what he said, acknowledging he shouldn’t have said it and  promising that he would try to do better. “I’m embarrassed and sorry. I wish I could take it back. I promise to do better,” said the famous country singer.

Although he apologized, he still got suspended from his record label, Big Loud.