Students Harbor Hidden Talents

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Senior Brindy Sims keeps warm by thinking happy beach thoughts, appropriate since she can imitate the sound of a dolphin.

Elsie England, staff writer

Star Valley High School is full of talented students. Athletic, artsy, musical, and much more. These students in the hallway may seem like average humans, but really they may have hidden talent tricks up their sleeves.

Sophomore Janie England has always been able to play the piano. She grew up learning to play; however, she recently learned how to play the piano behind her back with her hands crossed. Playing the piano is hard enough, but to play behind your back with your hands crossed is a whole new skill level.

Senior Kaylee Turner  is part of the cheer team and knows some tumbling tricks. She said, “One year at state our coaches told us to free style, and so I just did a back handspring and into the worm, and that is how I learned to do that.” Turner can also balance on her chin while she bends over to make her feet touch the fool in front of her. Talk about a flexible girl!

Not all hidden talents are as extreme as Turner’s and England’s but are equally as cool. Emri Jenkins can make her jaw pop on both sides. “I can pop it on the right slide 3 times and then the left side pops once but really loud,” said Emri. She discovered this a couple years ago.

Brindy Sims discovered she could sound like a dolphin while trying to imitate her sister’s laugh.  “Me and my sister both have kind of annoying laughs, so one night I was making fun of her laugh, and it sounded like a dolphin.” If you ever hear the sound of a dolphin, it could just be Sims laughing.

Without getting too detailed, Luke Linford shares his “talent” as being able to hit the toilet from a distance of six feet.

Not only do the students have hidden talents but the teachers do also. Principal Horsley takes advantage of people’s money. He said, “If I ever become unemployed, I will just move to Vegas.” Horsley is great with card tricks and plays a game called Monny. He never is scared to gamble with others because he knows he’s going to win. Horsley has had this trick up his sleeve since high school. “ I once tricked a girl to go to the prom with me by my card games,” Horsley said. If you ever gamble with Horsley, you better make sure that your wallet is full.

Seemingly average students may have unique talents that can entertain, astound, and trick.