Teacher Style Matters

SWEATER STYLE: Mrs. Patience Erickson teachers in clothes that are functional, comfortable, and cute. “The teacher that has the best style is Mrs. Jenkins because she wears stuff that is modern but relaxed. Her outfits are a little bit behind, but they still look good. I think she goes for something that’s cute and comfy. I would definitely dress like her if I was a teacher,” said Delancy Brog.

Kamryn Thompson, staff writer

Style is very important! What you wear is a way to show off your personality. Here at Star Valley High School, even our teachers are poppin’ off with their style choices.

Teachers get dressed for school everyday, just like students, and from the way many of them look, the spend some time thinking about their style choices.

“I’d say Mr.Patterson is always looking good! I really like his dress shoes; they are slick. And his stuff is pretty up to date. I would totally wear stuff like his if I could grow a beard like his.” Patterson refused to allow a photo in an effort “not to show off and make others feel bad.”

Some teachers dress professionally and keep their look conservative while others stand out.

Kaiya Hornung said, “Mr. Draney is always killing it. He always has some super fresh kicks. I can’t say I have a favorite outfit of his; however, his green nikes are my favorite pair of shoes. I’d say Draney is very up tp date. I’d definitely wear something like his. Draney should really start a look book.”

Just like the teachers themselves, their style is very individual, personal, and  unique. If you like what your teach is wearing, let them know. Everyone, even teachers, like their style to be appreciated.