Seniors Reveal Post High School Plans


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Gabe Nield, Staff writer

Senior year is quickly coming to an end, and kids are frantically trying to figure out their plans for after graduation.

A recent survey taken by 100 seniors at Star Valley High School reveals that 62 percent of seniors plan on going to college right after high school.

“I have to go to college the fall after I graduate while I’m still in my learning mode. That way I don’t back out from going if I have a gap year,” said JJ Hunsaker. “Plus I’m going to college on a rodeo scholarship, so I’m way excited to begin that.”

Others intend to go straight to the workforce. “The area of work I’m personally going into doesn’t require college, so I’m going to work/apprentice for a year and completely skip the college portion,” said Tanner Thomas said.

Thomas is not the only kid that thinks this way. Twenty-six percent of the kids reported that they plan to go right to the workforce after graduating while 23 percent said they plan to serve after right after high school in some capacity such as a mission or military.

Some 2020 graduates got married right off the bat, but not many of this year’s students intend to tie the knot quit so soon. Only 15 percent said they want to get married 1 to 3 years after high school ; 63 percent want to wait 3 to 10 years after school to get married, and 8 percent stated they are going to wait for 10 to 20 years after graduating to walk down the aisle.

Another survey question asked what graduates will most miss about high school. Surprisingly, 6 percent reported they will miss classes the most. Not surprisingly, 52 percent of kids will miss their friends, while 37 percent of the students will miss their extra-curricular activities the most.

“I will miss the athletics; there’s no better feeling than taking dubs with the boys after a hard fought battle,” said Tristan Kleeman.

As May gets closer, seniors will continue to finalize their plans and get ready for what comes next.