Cheerleaders Finish 2nd with Game Day Routine at State


CHEER UP: Junior Karlee Cassidy and sophomores Auderie Hansen and Bently Bowcut show their sprit and social responsibility while repping the masks  and cheering for the Braves. “When we’re cheering in masks it is really hard because you can’t hear what the captains are saying.”

Deegan Foley, Staff Writer

State Cheerleading went down on Jan 28th, and we all heard the voice of  Josh Frazier tell us how well they did, along with a cheesy little joke.

However, what’s better than hearing how they did from the cheerleaders themselves?

The cheerleaders competed in two different categories: “Game day,” and Co-Ed Stunt.” They finished highest with their second place Game Day routine  a long with 7th place finishes in the other category.

The lone male member of the squad Daxton Sessions added an additional aspect to the team and what they could do. He said, “I’m really happy with how things went, we made so much progress and its just really amazing.”

“It took a lot of hard work to get where we did, and I’m super proud of everyone for working so hard,” said junior Karlee Cassidy.

This young squad learned from this and will take that experience into next season.”I’m extremely proud of how we performed, especially since we’re such a young team made up of mostly sophomores,” said senior Kaylee Turner.

Keeping up their incredible synergy and determination for hours at a time in the cold of the football stadium or the heat of a stuffy gym shows the spirit of these dedicated cheerleaders.