Brave Cadettes Win Twice at State


STATE CHAMPS: The SVHS Brave Cadettes got the “W” at state: 1st in jazz and hip hop! “Winning a state title with your closest friends is a feeling you can’t beat… and the party all the way home was EPIC with everyone clumped together in one spot on the bus singing and laughing,” said new coach Wendy Kabonic.

Whitnee Hale, staff writer

The SVHS Brave Cadettes returned from the state competition on January 28th with not one, but two championship trophies. The team competed in both jazz and hip hop and returned home with a first place in both dances.

Head coach Wendy Kabonic said, “Our Hip Hop was the highest scoring routine in the state.”

With all the hard work, time, and difficult choreography, the girls deserved this accomplishment. “We said from the beginning that with the new more difficult scoring rubric, we wanted to improve upon not only the team’s own previous scores but also be competitive with the 4A routines as well… and accomplishing that goal was the best feeling in the world!” said Kabonic.

DANCIN DIVAS: The Brave Cadettes had great successes this year. Maddi Bagley said her favorite part of the season was “state and the times where we would just get to spend time with the team, in and out of practice.”

This team experienced many changes with a new coach and the Covid 19 pandemic. “Mostly Covid had limited us to do less than we normally do, but we still have just as much fun together,” said junior Amelia Griffith.

The pandemic affected some of the state competition as well. They obviously all had to wear masks when not dancing ,and they couldn’t all join together on the floor for the award presentation. “This really helped us get hyped up, and the suspense made it even more exciting when they finally announced the winning teams,” said sophomore Maddi Bagley. The team could not sit on the dance floor; however, they did sit together in the stand and celebrated their win at the events center in Casper.

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER: Sate not only was great because of the win but also the memories made. Aubree Hale’s favorite part of the season was state. “I really got to know the girls, and I feel like I’m really a part of the team now,” said Hale.

Beyond state championships, this season was very rewarding for the SVHS Brave Cadettes. Coach Kabonic said the most rewarding part for her was seeing the girls growing close as a team and the unity in the team. “Our goal from the beginning was to have team unity and a close bond which is what good championship teams are built upon.”

The girls got to be more like a family than a team throughout the season. Freshman Aubree Hale thinks that the team really grew throughout the year as well. “I’m really good friends with everyone on the team, and I really love how we are so united as a team.”

Much of the team’s success is because of the help of the seniors and team captains. Team Captain Brindy Sims has been a part of Brave Cadettes all four years in high school. “The role I play as a captain is a little bit of an assistant to the coach,” said Sims who truly feels like a 2nd mom to all the girls on the team. “I really try to make sure we are all on task and no one is falling behind, and I try my best to make the girls feel included.”

Sims, along with the other captains, have done just that. Amelia Griffith and Aubree Hale both agree that the seniors have made this year great. “They have really tried to become so close to all the girls and are always making us laugh,” says Griffith. They have put in a conscience effort to form a personal relationship with all the girls on the team. “They were welcoming and helped all the girls feel included and a part of the team,” Hale agreed.

CRUISIN CADETTES: The Brave Cadettes pose triumphantly with two state championship trophies. They cruised through main street on the fire trucks after they returned home. “I loved traveling with the girls and making memories,” Amelia Griffith said.

As a first year coach here at SVHS, coach Kabonic was very proud of her team this season after judging and running many different competitions for years in Utah. “Something I haven’t really seen before is a team like this that takes direction and implements corrections as quickly as they do.”

Kabonic was very pleasantly surprised with their ability to learn choreography quickly and keep on track since the competition was moved up by 6 weeks. “These girls are some of the hardest working kids I’ve had the privilege of coaching. Their spirit and work ethic can’t be beat!”

The Brave Cadettes had a very successful season and hope for more successes to come. They represent SVHS with great dancing, academics, and character. With Coach Kabonic in charge and the legacy left behind by the seniors, they will keep improving and making SVHS proud. Congratulations SVHS Brave Cadettes!