New Year, New You? or New Year, Same You?


BETTER YOURSELF: New Years Resolutions are a way to set goals  and strive to be better. “I believe in setting goals, but  I don’t ever make them,” said junior Kaleb Fila.

Elsie England

2020 finally came to an end. People let that year go and started looking ahead to make sure that 2021 is better than the last year. Every year basic social media captions like “New Year, New Me” or “I can already tell this is going to be my year” start to appear, but last year the theme caption was “Can’t wait to get out of 2020.”

New year means new goals and accomplishments or the same ones but better. Some people believe that resolutions are good ideas, while others believe you can start goals whenever you desire. Lauren Erickson said, “I believe in setting goals, but I am so bad at keeping them lol. I try to make New Year’s resolutions but I always forget about them, and I think if you want something to change, you don’t have to wait for a new year to get started.”

Although some people take goals seriously and really strive to get them done and set huge goals, others take a more less focused approach. Jacob Hodges said, “My goal is to dunk it in a game. I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions, and I don’t really do anything to motivate me.  I just think it would be cool if I did in a game, and that makes me work for it.”

Working towards your resolutions and goals takes motivation. Croix Jenkins said, “I want to see my self improve in basketball. That’s what usually gets me motivated towards my goals.” Wanting to be better and see the improvement is what gets us motivated because we know what we are doing is working.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t for everyone and not everyone who makes them keeps them, but it doesn’t hurt to keep trying. There’s always next year.